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Syfadis Experience
Pilotage administratif et financier

Syfadis A new training


Training on the go

Providing a 100% mobile learning experience, and promoting training through learning formats that are innovative, multimodal and accessible via all support types: Syfadis Experience makes it easy to access training resources - anytime, anywhere.

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Regulatory compliance

To meet regulatory requirements, training must be made widely available to employees within time constraints. Training departments must be able to rapidly trace, through global and local reporting, all accreditations and qualifications held by collaborators.

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Onboarding acceleration

Encouraging the integration of new employees through personalized training courses, developing their commitment and transmitting company values to help them become more effective more rapidly.

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Optimization of training management

Moving from the obligation to spend training budgets, towards a company's obligation to achieve results. This paradigm shift requires Human Resources and Training Departments to effectively steer their training system.

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A training solution for skill agility

With a completely redesigned training universe, Syfadis Experience is a software solution that covers digital training, administrative and financial management, skills assessment and management.

Expérience utilisateur attractive

Attractive, engaging and gamified user experience

Processus RH

Unified HR and training processes

Solution 100% Cloud

A 100% cloud solution guaranteeing optimal data security